What Is True?
June 22, 2002
Edited: December 30, 2008


This is a web magazine about ideas - about truth, values and reality - and includes reviews of ideas presented in the media, on the Internet, and in books - old and new.

I plan to explore basic questions such as, "What is true?", "What might be true?", "What matters?", "What is right and wrong?", and "What exists?".


To give you an idea, subjects covered will probably fall within these general categories:

  1. Cults, religion and the Bible.
  2. Politics, and particularly Canadian politics.
  3. Philosophy and morality.
  4. History, science, alternative areas of research, and the paranormal.
  5. Movies and music.

I should tell you right from the start, I am going to advocate certain viewpoints, and back them up with information and reasoning. Nevertheless, my views won't prevent a wide representation of other views, because I examine what I agree with and disagree with in different sources. For example, I agree with Ayn Rand on many issues but not on others.

The idea with this web journal is to consider ideas critically and to recognize principles, evidence or good arguments in searching for truth, but not to assume it's possible or necessary to come to a final conclusion on every single debate or claim.

My Positions

  1. Warning about the destructive effects of cultism.
  2. Criticism of the Bible and aspects of religion.
  3. Objective morality based on human nature and self-interest.
  4. Pro-life ethics concerning abortion, euthanasia, cloning etc.
  5. The value of free thought in exploring and evaluating ideas about the world.
  6. Recognizing the value of your own life, and resisting the forces that tear at it.
  7. The moral necessity of strengthening political liberty and basic freedoms defined by classical liberal or libertarian ideals.

Where I'm Coming From

I am a non-specialist except in one area - namely that I share the experience with others of having my mind enslaved by a soul-destroying cult. That cult's magazine was called The Plain Truth, a magazine of fear, during the 1980's, and a magazine about giving up on this world for the next.

Their "Plain Truth" is not my idea of truth anymore. I believe the better way to decide, "What is true?", is not by following the whims of a religious tyrant who pretends special access to God, but by paying attention to your own mind, and applying your own reason to human knowledge and experience.