What Is True?
December 29, 2002
Edited: December 31, 2008

Liberty, War & Politics

Stop the War on Iraq

Sharon's war? by Robert Novak
Republican Senator Chuck Hagel of Nebraska "said out loud what is whispered on Capitol Hill: 'The road to Arab-Israeli peace will not likely go through Baghdad, as some may claim.'"(1)

P.O.W. Treatment: Crossing the Line

US turns to torture to crack prisoners of war
"... often in concert with allies of dubious human-rights reputation, in which the traditional lines between right and wrong, legal and inhumane, are evolving and blurred"
"... one of a number of secret overseas detention centres where US due process does not apply" (2)

North Korea

Many Koreans Fear Bush, Not A Nuclear North
"Many South Koreans see their estranged countrymen to the north more as subjects of pity than fear, and the Americans less as saviors who defended them against communism than potential troublemakers."(3)

2003: A year of wars? by Pat Buchanan
"For the United States to start an Asian war by attacking North Korea and triggering a crazed retaliatory response by Pyongyang with chemical, biological and nuclear missiles on South Korea and Japan is probably something we ought to discuss with Seoul and Tokyo. They may have some thoughts on the wisdom of the idea." (4)


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