What Is True?
January 2, 2003
Edited: December 31, 2008

Liberty, War & Politics

Airport Security

Why I Avoid Airports by Steven Yates
"busy schedules to keep, and canít afford the disruption a protest might create" ... "there should be limits on what the federal government can do" ... "citizens have an inherent right not to be bullied by their government" (1)

The Imperialist (Bully-Boy) Version of Capitalism

A Capitalist War? by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.
"And if you do lose your son in battle, know that this was necessary in order to shore up US domination of the world economy. This is the creed of the global social democrats who champion both military and economic globalization." ... "the idea that commerce and war are allies is a complete perversion of the old liberal tradition"

Consumption rather than Savings, Destruction rather than Production

This old essay The Economic Basis of Imperialism, provided an economic (and racist) justification for American world empire. Lew Rockwell explains "In this piece, Conant argued that there is too much savings in advanced countries, too much production, and not enough consumption, and this was crowding out profitable investment opportunities for the largest corporations." (2)

With respect to savings (a civilized behavior), Conant uses the word "menace" on page 328, a word which is more applicable to those who trumpet American global domination. (3)


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