What Is True?
January 18, 2003
Edited: December 31, 2008

Ethics & Human Life


'Partial-birth' abortions shown increasing
"...D&X abortions, which are performed on fetuses older than 20 weeks. Opponents of the procedure call it partial-birth abortion because in some cases the fetus is old enough to survive outside the womb."(1)

Death Penalty

Gov. Ryan Did the Right Thing
Illinois Governor George H. Ryan commuted the sentences of all death-row inmates. The author's point is good. (2)  Comments: In theory, some people deserve the death penalty, but in practice, innocent people are constantly being convicted.
In Canada, we don't have the death penalty, but we have more than one infamous example of people being wrongfully convicted and exonerated after years in prison.(3) Government, judges, police need to be held to a higher standard of justice. It doesn't make sense to believe that the death penalty can be administered justly.

Creating Super-Soldiers

Monsters, Inc. The Pentagon Plan to Create Mutant "Super-Soldiers" by Chris Floyd
" ...some of the research now underway involves actually altering the genetic code of soldiers, modifying bits of DNA to fashion a new type of human specimen, one that functions like a machine, killing tirelessly for days and nights on end."
"those who want to turn American soldiers into mindless, drug-addled mutants and send them off to kill and die in far-flung wars of imperial conquest are seen as patriots, noble leaders, doing the will of God..." (4)


CounterPunch is a "left-wing" newsletter but it gets a lot of things right. (5)


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