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January 26, 2003
Edited: March 24, 2009

Liberty, War & Politics

Israel's Amen Corner, by Justin Raimondo
This article discusses the two movements that motivate the GOP's one-sided foreign policy: neoconservatism and Protestant dispensationalism. After the Cold War ended, "the neoconservatives had pined away for lack of an enemy". On the other hand, Christian conservatives believe "the actions of human beings, ... can provide the catalyst for the Second Coming." (1) Looking to world events to validate biblical prophecy was a big part of my old beliefs.

Three Pronged Attack by the Internet on the State by David Smith
Discussion of the media: "The tyranny that it proposes to exercise over people's private lives seems to me to be quite extraordinary" ... "The harm is done by the serious, thoughtful, earnest journalists, who solemnly, as they are doing at present, will drag before the eyes of the public some incident in the private life of a great statesman, of a man who is a leader of political thought as he is a creator of political force, and invite the public to discuss the incident, to exercise authority in the matter, ..." (2)

Above article from Anti-State.com
"Market Anarchism Online" (3)

A lesson from the Third World
"James Tooley on the extraordinary success of private education in Africa and India" ... Private schools are successful because they are "more accountable". ... "If the evidence reveals that the poorest worldwide are achieving better educational outcomes without the state, then this should inspire and buttress appeals for increased school choice in rich countries." (4)

On Gangs of New York by Craig Russell
New York during the 1800's: "In one scene, immigrants coming off one boat sign up first as citizens, then as soldiers, and are put onto another boat to fight – and, in many cases, die – for this corruption while, at the same time, coffin after coffin is being unloaded." ... "We’re indoctrinated from the earliest possible age to see people in authority – people sporting titles or badges or official uniforms – as noble, kind, caring, and trustworthy." (5)

The Reluctant Anarchist by Joseph Sobran
"R.J. Rummel of the University of Hawaii calculates that in the twentieth century alone, states murdered about 162,000,000 million of their own subjects. This figure doesn't include the tens of millions of foreigners they killed in war. How, then, can we speak of states "protecting" their people? No amount of private crime could have claimed such a toll." (6)

Why the Rush to War? By Robert Higgs
"In the present circumstances, then, a U.S. attack on Iraq would constitute a clear, utterly unjustified act of aggression." (7)

On the Eve of War?, by Alan Bock(8)


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