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February 11, 2003

Liberty, War & Politics

Hope for Peace Rally Scarborough, Ontario (1)
I attended this gathering on Jan 31. There were a wide variety of people and every ethnic group was represented. Toronto City Councillor Raymond Cho hosted the event, and a CTV/CFTO TV news crew was also there. Although it was certainly anti-war, it was not the nature of the event to be very political, because it was held in a church and combined themes of community and world peace with a spiritual context.

Someone from an organization called SGI International presented a Buddhist-Humanist message. Several Christian clerics spoke and prayed, including a local Presbyterian minister who criticized those who used their faith as a cover for warmongering.

At the end, Iman Mohammad Husain Patel gave a stirring final speech where he listed point by point how the U.S. is becoming more aggressive. One point mentioned was the U.S. possession of nuclear weapons. He called on Canadians to restrain our neighbours. That is the message Canadians should be sending our government.

Jan 29/03 - Veterans: Loathing War's Horror, Yet Preparing for Attack
"In Seattle, Tony Blanchard, who did two tours in Vietnam as a Marine sergeant, now works as a volunteer counseling Vietnam veterans. Mr. Bush's speech did not convince him. If anything, it stiffened his opposition to an invasion of Iraq.

"I worry that we could lose a lot of Americans — prime people — in a war that has no basis," said Mr. Blanchard. ..." (2)

Jan 30/03: PM says UN resolution 'will authorize action'
The Canadian government still looks like it is headed towards supporting a war in its own ambivalent way. Statement from Canada's Prime Minister quoted on Jan 30: "The report of (chief UN weapons inspector Hans) Blix, if he says (Saddam Hussein) is not conforming, he has not disarmed, Resolution 1441 will authorize action."

On the bright side, the following statement is not believable: "Chrétien also denied that his cabinet is divided over Canada's position on Iraq." (3)

Very nice web site by Ontario family with plenty of anti-war links, travel information and an attitude towards religion (4) that is close to mine.


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