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March 5, 2003

Liberty, War & Politics

Mar 5/03 The Hapless Hegemon by Justin Raimondo(1)

Mar 5/03 The Flimflam by Charley Reese (2)

Mar 5/03 What's the Real Key to Our Freedom? by Alan Bock
"...Every war has brought on calls for limits on the freedom of speech and expression and some actual limits. Every war has brought on forced allocation of resources. Some have led to conscription, which some of us call selective slavery. ..."(3)

President hails arrest, warns Mexico
"If Mexico – or other countries – oppose the United States, he said that “there will be a certain sense of discipline.” But he quickly added, “I expect Mexico to be with us.” " (4)

English singer Billy Bragg and Canadian musician Kate Fenner were interviewed on CBC Radio's The Current March 5. Billy Bragg's new song about Iraq and oil is good (available online I think), but it illustrates how the left-liberal antiwar focus is kind of fuzzy. He's right to point out how the U.S.A. supported both Chile's Pinochet and Saddam Hussein in the past, but the song brings in extraneous topics like the 2000 presidential election. Even so, they both expressed their antiwar opinions articulately in the interview. ResistWar.com was mentioned and features a song by Kate Fenner and Chris Brown.
Site also links to votenowar.org

Mar 5/03 ‘Gods and Generals’: Movie Critics Betray Their Profession by Samuel L. Baker and Paul Craig Roberts "...Lincoln was unwilling for the union to dissolve, because it would cost him the tax base essential to his government-business schemes.

"In general the critics believe that it is immoral of Maxwell to tell any part of the story from the South’s point of view, even if accurate. Critics insist that the South was evil. The true story, they protest, is one of evil stomped, looted, and burned out of the South by the moral righteousness of the North. " (5)

Mar 1/03 My Dogs Watch FoxNews by Paul Gottfried
About a David Frum interview. "...Today’s "conservatives" shout Trotskyist slogans that they mistake for patriotism and religion."(6)

Mar 5/03 Give Max the Boot by Bob Murphy
Includes incredible quotes from Daniel Ellsberg's Secrets: A Memoir of Vietnam and the Pentagon Papers
Also some civilian casualty estimates for the Vietnam war. (7)


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