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April 1, 2003

Liberty & War

The Other Side of the Story

Mar 27/03 Jubilation turns to hate as aid arrives
"...Jalil Ali, 25, the young Iraqi in the brown shawl, asked if any of the humanitarian aid was being provided by Americans.

""Take it back," he yelled, pretending to push it away. "We want the Americans to go back home. We do not need them here. Go back home. I do not need this.""

"..."They bomb. And now they want to give water and food. How can they do both? How?"..." (1)

The American Brezhnev Doctrine

Mar 27/03 Living in the Past by Ryan McMaken
"... Communism was evil because it moved about destroying the indigenous cultures of the world, while replacing them with bureaucratic communism. The thought of roaming the world, leaving an American legacy stamped on the face of every foreign population in the form of bureaucratic democracy struck most Americans as pointless and un-American. ..." (2)

Wilson and Bush Compared

Mar 11/03 Wilson, Bush, and History by Joseph Sobran
"...Americans wanted no part of this, until Woodrow Wilson decided that although war was bad, a "war to end all war" and "to make the world safe for democracy" would be okay." (3)


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