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April 1, 2003

Liberty & War

Mar 31/03 On the Middle East Escalator by Justin Raimondo
"The liberal media are carping about the length of this war all of ten days, as of this writing and they are shocked that the Iraqis have the temerity to fight back. ..."

"...What we are in for is an endless series of wars..."

"...My mentor and teacher, the late Murray N. Rothbard, was Jewish along with virtually every major libertarian theoretician in modern times." (1)

Mar 24/03 Congratulations by Charley Reese
"We're likely to spend that much on Iraq in just a year or two. Thanks to our having used Iraq as a bombing range and thanks to the draconian sanctions, the country is pretty much a malnourished, diseased-ridden wreck. Somehow, no matter how much we spend, I don't think the Iraqis will feel much gratitude..." (2)


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