What Is True?
June 14, 2003 - A

Liberty, War & Politics

Suppose You Wanted to Have a Permanent War
by Robert Higgs, Independent Institute, independent.org
June 12 2003

...the potential omnipresence of the terrorists justifies U.S. leaders in their efforts to supercharge the surveillance-and-police state here at home, with the USA PATRIOT Act, the revival of the FBI’s COINTELPRO activities, and all the rest. Adios Bill of Rights. The merest babe understands that these new powers will be turned to other political purposes that have nothing whatever to do with terrorism...

Remember Kosovo? And Why You Should
by Nebojsa Malic, Antiwar.com  June 12, 2003

What is happening in Iraq now is merely a re-run of what happened in Kosovo. Because the Empire got away with murder, literally, launching a clear war of aggression and occupation while spinning all sorts of preposterous lies about it, Kosovo made Iraq possible...

War may have killed up to [7,000] civilians
by Simon Jeffery, The Guardian guardian.co.uk
June 13, 2003

Iraq Body Count (IBC), a volunteer group of British and US academics and researchers, compiled statistics on civilian casualties from media reports and estimated that between 5,000 and 7,000 civilians died in the conflict.

Justifying War
by Joseph Sobran www.sobran.com, May 29, 2003

How many other innocents were killed and maimed by the American invasion? I have seen no figures or even estimates. It doesn’t seem to matter to most Americans, for whom military victory seems to be sufficient justification for any “collateral damage,”...

The Political Economy of World Domination
by Thomas J. DiLorenzo, LewRockwell.com, June 13, 2003

  • Freidrich Hayek's analysis of "the pretense of knowledge"
  • Public Choice theory
  • Failure of "foreign aid"

In embracing Woodrow Wilson’s disastrous, hyper-interventionist foreign policy the conservative movement is no longer conservative in any meaningful sense...

Worldwide central planning by the American empire will fail for the very same reasons socialism and central planning has failed in all other countries...

Christian Conservatives and Religious Freedom
by William L. Anderson, LewRockwell.com, June 13, 2003

... As people continued to take drugs after Nancy Reagan’s "Just Say No" program kicked into gear, the Christian right and other conservatives demanded even tougher laws and more stringent penalties, and it is this social element that is clearly in favor of the most draconian aspects of the modern prosecutorial state, including expanded asset forfeiture laws that permit government to seize private property on the flimsiest of pretenses.

In fact, the "law and order" mentality of Christian conservatives (who appeal to Romans 13 to give near carte blanche to government law enforcement powers) is an important reason why the USA imprisons a quarter of the world’s prisoners (two million out of eight million). And by supporting those politicians who favor the constant expansion of the prosecutorial state, Christian conservatives have become the unwitting allies in the drive by secularists to curb religious liberties...

The Historian Who Sold Out
by Thomas Fleming History News Network, hnn.us
June 9, 2003

About the Bryce Report of 1915 on World War I anti-German atrocity propaganda.

After the war, historians who sought to examine the documentation for Bryce's stories were told that the files had mysteriously disappeared...

The Bryce Report unquestionably helped England win the war. It convinced millions of Americans and other neutrals -- it was translated into 27 languages -- that the Germans were beasts in human form...

The Real Lincoln: Jeff Rense interview with Tom DiLorenzo
Rense Program Archives: www.soundwaves2000.com/rense/
March 31, 2003. Replayed: May 16, 2003