What Is True?
June 22, 2003 - A

Liberty, War & Politics

Now They Tell Us
by Joseph Sobran , www.sobran.com, June 3, 2003

C.S. Lewis once overheard some soldiers conversing during wartime. He was startled to discover that they all casually assumed their government was lying to them...

...We like to think that education creates an immunity to propaganda, a rational, skeptical outlook. In fact, it may do just the reverse. It may create in us a disposition to settle for fancy words and high-sounding slogans instead of results...

By the way, this also partly explains the vulnerability of educated people - including intelligent college students - to cult propaganda.

Biography of David H. Hackworth

After almost five years in Vietnam Hack's cup runneth over. In 1971, as the Army's youngest colonel he spoke out on national television saying, "This is a bad war ... it can't be won we need to get out." In that interview, he also said that the North Vietnamese flag would fly over Saigon in four years -- a prediction that turned out to be right on target...