What Is True?
July 3, 2003


A Black Eyed Dog He Called at My Door
by Kevin Michael Grace,  theambler.com, July 1, 2003

As he sits, the Ambler remembers his decades of membership in the "conservative movement." He remembers that it was once taken for granted that "conservatives" venerated history and tradition... He remembers, especially, his foolish decision to return to the land of his birth, only to discover his fellow "conservatives" working ceaselessly to make Canada a satrapy of the United States of Everywhere.

Communism in Capital Markets
by Ilana Mercer,  Mises.org, October 8, 2002

About "insider-trading", Martha Stewart etc.

Part and parcel of an ill-defined and unconstitutional law is that it, in the words of attorney and libertarian scholar James Ostrowski, "legalizes naturally criminal behavior by the state and its agents while criminalizing naturally lawful behavior by citizens"...

...A society that destroys its most productive and gifted members for no other reason than because they accrue more information than others and act on it has little to recommend it.