What Is True?
July 24, 2003 - A

Liberty, War & Politics

Liberty, War & Politics

Careful: The FB-eye may be watching
Reading the wrong thing in public can get you in trouble

by Marc Schultz,  Atlanta.CreativeLoafing.com, July 17, 2003

Time, Calendar, and State
by Joseph R. Stromberg, LewRockwell.com, July 14, 2003

And now we can see how the state gives people meaning in their lives, "meaning," which might better be seen as the ground of a deep alienation from authentic human life...

Framing the Debate on WMDs
by Bob Murphy, LewRockwell.com, July 19, 2003

...I for one would "make the case" that the presidentís staff should check up on allegations before citing them to justify a war that has killed thousands of Iraqis and so far over 200 American troops...


The Foreign Policy of 20 Million Would-Be Immortals
by Gary North, LewRockwell.com, July 19, 2003

This is a very helpful article in explaining the views of many people concerning the End of the World. I don't hold now to any of the three Christian scenarios he describes, but I used to believe in the Worldwide Church of God type of pre-millenialism. In that system, events in the Middle East were central, but maybe we didn't look at it so politically. Our central motivation was to escape the certain death and suffering of the supposed Great Tribulation, by fleeing to an assigned place of protection when the time was right.