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August 7, 2003

Liberty, War & Politics
Ethics & Life

Liberty, War & Politics

Drug Reimportation Increases Medical Freedom
by Rep. Ron Paul, MD,  LewRockwell.com, August 5, 2003

Congress concluded its summer session by passing legislation that would allow Americans to buy prescription drugs from Canada and several other nations...

The arguments against reimportation amount to simple protectionism. Opponents of reimportation want to preserve artificially high drug prices in America at the expense of drug consumers...

Little Bush Should Review Big Bush's Policies
by Charley Reese, reese.king-online.com, August 6, 2003

...There is a well-documented article on how the United States helped Iraq not only with its war against Iran, but also with its weapons of mass destruction program...

...the insanity of Washington is further shown by the fact that on the same day last week, Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., claimed that the president had classified the famous 28 pages in the new intelligence report to protect Saudi Arabia, while down the street, the Saudi Arabian foreign minister was at the White House, demanding that those pages be declassified...

Libertarianism and Religious Freedom
by William L. Anderson, LewRockwell.com, August 4, 2003

...First, while decrying the "culture wars," conservative Christians seem to forget that the real cultural rot has been the politicizing of nearly every aspect of life. Second, I hold that believers can be much better examples of "salt and light" by operating outside the coercive elements of the state...

A wry scourge on the attack
Gore Vidal delivers chilling predictions of despotism

by Arthur Jones, National Catholic Reporter, www.natcath.org, August 1, 2003

He writes, “Fifty years ago [Feb. 27, 1947], Republican Sen. Arthur Vandenberg told [President Harry S.] Truman he could have his militarized economy only if he first ‘scared the hell out of the American people that the Russians were coming.’ Truman obliged. The perpetual war began.”

U.S. wants Saddam, but dead - not alive
by Eric Margolis, Toronto Sun, Canoe.ca, Aug 3, 2003
Columns archived at foreigncorrespondent.com

If put on public trial, Saddam would have a field day revealing the embarrassing alliance between his brutal regime and Washington:...

Protectionism and the Destruction of Prosperity
by Murray N. Rothbard, Mises.org

...The market economy is one vast latticework throughout the world, in which each individual, each region, each country, produces what he or it is best at, most relatively efficient in, and exchanges that product for the goods and services of others. Without the division of labor and the trade based upon that division, the entire world would starve...

Ethics & Life

Seed battle heads to supreme court
by Tim Hirsch, BBC News, news.bbc.co.uk

...Percy Schmeiser, a sprightly 72-year-old from Bruno, Saskatchewan, [Canada] has become a hero to the anti-GM movement worldwide for resisting Monsanto's attempts to enforce its patent rights over the seeds it promotes.

A farmer's property - in effect - invaded. "Patent rights" utilized to crush property rights. The seed should belong to him if it falls on his land.

More on story here: Farmer Battles GM Goliath
Unknowncountry.com, August 3, 2003