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August 10, 2003

Boundaries of Knowledge
Liberty, War & Politics
Values & Life

Boundaries of Knowledge

More 'Cressie' sightings in Newfoundland
by James Carroll, CBC News, www.cbc.ca, August 1, 2003

...The alleged sighting of a mysterious creature has reignited talk of whether Newfoundland's Crescent Lake has its own version of the Loch Ness Monster...

...She described a snake-like creature with a fish-like head...

Discovery casts doubt on Bering land bridge theory
by Allison M. Heinrichs, Los Angeles Times, BayArea.com, July 30, 2003

An archaeological site in Siberia, long thought to be the original jumping-off point for crossing the Bering land bridge into North America, is actually much younger than previously believed, shaking the theory that the first Americans migrated overland during the final cold snap of the last great ice age....

..."It's one of those things where we don't have all the answers right now and that's what makes it so exciting," [Michael Waters] said. "I think we're in the threshold in the next 20 years of basically rewriting North American history."

Liberty, War & Politics

Demand? What With?
by Gary North,  LewRockwell.com, August 9, 2003

I hear forecasts of rising demand based on an increase in the number of mouths. I prefer to hear about rising demand based on creative minds and busy hands...

Is the World a Better Place with Hussein Gone?
by Harry Browne, harrybrowne.org, August 8, 2003

Is the world a better place with one man in Washington having the power to decide who will live and who will die anywhere in the world?...

...I do know that I’m making my world a better place by earning a living trying to improve the lives of the people with whom I associate...

Ashcroft Orders Tally Of Lighter Sentences
Critics Say He Wants 'Blacklist' of Judges

by Edward Walsh and Dan Eggen, Washington Post,
August 7, 2003

More U.S. troops will die in 'Iraq-Nam'
by Gwynne Dyer, The Korea Herald, www.koreaherald.co.kr, August 6, 2003

...U.S. President George W. Bush continues to insist that the Iraqi resistance is just "a few remaining holdouts" from Saddam Hussein's defunct regime because he needs this to be true. Otherwise, his invasion of Iraq would have been a dreadful mistake...

US Troops in Iraq are Sitting Ducks
Why we need to get out – now

by Justin Raimondo, Antiwar.com, August 7, 2003

Iraq has been "liberated" - but who will liberate us from the "Patriot" Act, and the further efforts of Attorney General John Ashcroft to increase the already expanded power of government agents to conduct secret searches and spy on American citizens?...

An American Classical Liberalism
by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr., LewRockwell.com

Our rulers seem to think that they must be bribing someone, bombing someone, or both. Otherwise we risk falling into the dreaded "isolationism."...

Harry Truman on Trial: The Decision to Drop the Atomic Bomb
History News Network, hnn.us

I accuse President Harry S Truman of war crimes under Article 6 of the Nuremberg Charter outlawing "the wanton destruction of cities, towns, and villages, or devastation not justified by military necessity."

Specifically, I accuse President Truman of ordering the annihilation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki via an experimental terror weapon resulting in the massacre and maiming of some 200,000 Japanese women, children and old people.

Philip Nobile, August 2001

Response to Jury

...Japanese women and children were not our enemies...

by Paul Gottfried, LewRockwell.com, August 7, 2003

Review of Conservatism in America Since 1930, edited by Gregory L. Schneider

...Schneider’s anthology is admirably comprehensive, moving from the Southern Agrarians, interwar Distributists, who idolized the English Catholic critics of big government and capitalism, Hillaire Belloc and G.K. Chesterton, and the elitist individualist Albert J. Nock, down to the libertarian Murray N. Rothbard and the fractured conservatism of the post-Reagan era...

Are Military Tribunals Worth Dying For?
by Jacob G. Hornberger, The Future of Freedom Foundation, fff.org, August 6, 2003

...Federal officials wanted a place in the world where they could be a law unto themselves — where they could be jailer, prosecutor, judge, and executioner and without having to answer to anyone or any law...

The War According to David Hackworth
by Jonathan Franklin, Salon.com, commondreams.org, August 5, 2003

...Federal officials wanted a place in the world where they could be a law unto themselves - where they could be jailer, prosecutor, judge, and executioner and without having to answer to anyone or any law...

Dean vs. Loserman
by Justin Raimondo, Antiwar.com, August 6, 2003

...Congress long ago ceded this arena to the imperial Presidency, abdicating its constitutional duty in the process, and so what happens, every four years, is that we elect a foreign policy dictator who can take us into war – or out of it – at will....

U.S. Marks Hiroshima Anniversary By Holding Top Secret Summit to Discuss Expanding Nation’s Nuclear Arsenal
DemocracyNow.org, August 5, 2003

America's habit of revenge
by James Carroll, Boston Globe, Boston.com, August 5, 2003

...President Truman, and others who justified the bomb, would rarely speak this way again - a direct articulation of revenge as a main motivation for the overwhelming destruction of the Japanese cities...

The Evil Freedom Culture
by Russell Madden, The Laissez Faire Electronic Times, freedom.orlingrabbe.com/lfetimes/, August 4, 2003

Values & Life

Review of John Zmirak's Wilhelm Ropke: Swiss Localist, Global Economist
by Ryan Setliff, Review at Amazon.com

In the Humane Economy, Röpke surmised that: "The market economy, and with social and political freedom, can thrive only as part and under the protection of a bourgeois system. This implies the existence of a society in which certain fundamentals are respected and color the whole network of social relationships: individual effort and responsibility, absolute norms and values, independence based on ownership, prudence and daring, calculating and saving, responsibility for planning one's own life, proper coherence with the community, family feeling, a sense of tradition and the succession of generations combined with an open-minded view of the present and the future, proper tension between individual and community, firm moral discipline, respect for the value of money, the courage to grapple on one's own with life and its uncertainties, a sense of the natural order of things, and a firm scale of values."...