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August 21, 2003

Boundaries of Knowledge
Liberty, War & Politics

Boundaries of Knowledge

Crop circles found near Hensall, Ontario

by Hilary Long, Clinton News Record, Clinton, Ontario, clintonnewsrecord.com

Story also here: UFO May Have Made Canadian Crop Circles, unknowncountry.com, August 7, 2003

Crop circles found on a Huron County farm owned by Erv Willert, in Hensall, Ontario,

...Joanna Emery, volunteer investigator for the CCCRN, said that crop circles usually occur in wheat fields. “There has only been one other sighting reported this year,” she said, adding that it was reported July 21 in Stewarttown...

She says the CCCRN usually get "around 20-25" reports across Canada in a year.

...A correspondent for the Exeter Times-Advocate wrote on the evening of Monday July 21 a neighbor reported seeing a strange light in the sky over Saintsbury, along with a humming noise. The light was also spotted near Elimville...

..In the July 16 edition of the early files, the Clinton News-Record printed the following story: Bayfield summer residents report flying saucers - The Flying Saucers (products of this earth or another planet) are with us again! Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Cuninghame, Clinton, were enjoying a quiet picnic lunch on Heard’s sideroad, south of the village on July 3...

Secret American Space Planes
Anomalia.Ru, Online Pravda: pravda.ru, translated by Dmitry Sudakov, November 5, 2002

...In the beginning of the 1990s, Russian intelligence uncovered the fact that the USA was testing a super-secret plane at one of its airbases... Russian agents managed to get some information about the new plane, which the USA calls Aurora, in honor of the Goddess of the Dawn.

The mystery aircraft is capable of flying very high, at a height of 40 and more kilometers. Even the latest pursuit planes cannot fly so high. The Aurora plane also possesses fantastic supersonic speed...

Strange Spots on Mars
Space.com, July 31, 2003

"The Fortune Cookie photo", released July 25, 2003

"Some of them are shaped like fortune cookies," said scientists at Malin Space Science Systems, which operates the Mars Orbiter Camera aboard NASA's orbiting Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft.

Liberty, War & Politics

Rice: The hawk in Washington
by Helen Thomas,  The Miami Herald, miami.com, August 8, 2003

...Rice, who should have come forward earlier, became the fourth person to do a mea culpa for that flap [the Uranium from Africa allegation]. When interviewed on PBS News Hour with Jim Lehrer that evening, a few hours after Bush had rushed to her defense, she declared: ``I certainly feel personal responsibility for this entire episode.''...

Americans pay price for speaking out
by Kathleen Kenna, Toronto Star, TheStar.com, August 9, 2003

...After 39 years in the Marines, including commands in Somalia and Iraq, Gen. Anthony Zinni never imagined he would be tagged "turncoat."...

...[Peace scholar Stephen Zunes:] "There are a lot of Americans who don't want to believe their government is lying to them. It's becoming more and more clear that the American people have been lied to..."

...[Zinni:] "It's an obligation you have — in our history there have been too many times when generals didn't say what they thought," he says. "We all swear an oath to the Constitution. One of the things I thought I was defending was the right to dissent."

Transcript: John Ashcroft on Fox News Sunday
FoxNews.com, August 3, 2003

..ASHCROFT: Well, I wouldn't call it Patriot Act II, but I would just say this: There are, for example, 330 areas, like health care fraud or things like that, nursing home fraud, where you can demand records on the basis of an administrative subpoena from administrative agencies in the United States...

HUME: No judge?

ASHCROFT: You don't have to go before a judge to do it. These are not necessarily -- these are business records...

... HUME: Let me ask you about a particular case that I think has troubled some people: Jose Padilla. An American citizen, captured on American soil, held now for however many months it's been, unable to talk to lawyers. And a lot of people look at that and say, "If I'm an American citizen, that shouldn't happen to me."

What do you say to that? ...

The Autumn of the Patriarchs
How imperialism and terrorism demonstrate the state's obsolescence

by Matthew Barganier, Antiwar.com, August 4, 2003

...Quite a racket ya got goin' there, boys, mopping up the carnage you provoke.

Too bad you've lost the power to prevent any of it....

Open-Air Nuthouse
by Charley Reese, reese.king-online.com, August 4, 2003

...New York City has decided to fund a high school strictly for homosexuals...

...social engineering run amok.

When I was a kid in school, the standard answer to bullies was to fight them.... Today, students face criminal charges if they swap punches in a public school...